Dental Implants in Lincoln, NE

Are you considering dental implants in Lincoln, NE?

If you have missing teeth, you are not alone; tooth loss affects millions of Americans every year.

When you have missing teeth, it can affect how you chew, speak, and interact with others. Fortunately, dental implants are a reliable solution to replace missing teeth with realistic prosthetics. Dental implants replace missing teeth, but they also promote bone health and provide support to your facial structures. 

If you want to learn more about dental implants in Lincoln, contact your nearby Antelope Creek Family Dentistry location. And continue reading to learn more about this innovative tooth replacement option.

Friends taking a selfie at Holmes Lake Park in Lincoln, NEWhat Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are artificial, permanent tooth replacements used to replace missing teeth and restore your smile’s appearance and function. As early as 2000 BCE, early versions of dental implants were used in ancient China to replace missing teeth.

Of course, the materials they used then are very different from what we use now. Modern dental care in Lincoln has allowed us to create the most reliable and realistic tooth implants. No one will guess you’ve visited the dentist or experienced tooth loss in the past.

Unlike many dentures or bridges, dental implants are long-lasting, and they act independently, just like your natural teeth. They do not rely on surrounding teeth or clips to remain fixed in the mouth. In this way, they are nearly identical to the teeth you were born with.

Customized Dental Implants in Lincoln, NE 

Every smile is unique, so dental implants vary from patient to patient. Our Lincoln, NE dental offices provide solutions for all of the following implant dentistry needs:

  • Single tooth replacement
  • Anterior teeth replacement
  • Posterior teeth replacement
  • All upper and/or lower teeth replacement

The process for dental implants in Lincoln can take several months to complete, from the initial consultation to placing the implant and fully recovering from the procedure. Therefore, we do not place implants at Antelope Creek Family Dentistry but provide top-of-the-line, customized prosthetics.

Prosthetics can mean a dental crown for a single missing tooth and implant-supported dentures and bridges for more significant loss. But, no matter the option, you can count on a custom replacement—shaded and shaped to work for your skin tone and aesthetic. Usually, prosthetic placement relies on one to six dental implants for stability.

We will also refer you to an experienced and skillful oral surgeon or periodontist to perform the procedure. 

The Process for Getting Dental Implants
Dental implant replacing missing tooth at dentist in Lincoln, NE

Dental implants always start with a consultation with our implant dentists in Lincoln, NE. We want to ensure that implants are right for you. This may also include a referral to a trusted specialist for confirmation. We answer your questions and talk to you about your goals, timeframe, and budget during this visit.

If dental implants are right for you, we get the process underway!

Dental implants consist of a titanium post, an artificial tooth (crown), and an abutment (a post) that secures the crown to the implant. Once the implant is surgically placed in the gums, it naturally fuses to the jawbone over several months, a process called osseointegration. 

For implant-supported prosthetics, the process is similar.

Once the implant is installed in the jaw, the healing process begins; and it typically takes three to six months to heal fully. For your comfort and convenience, we can provide you with a temporary crown or prosthetic until you’re fully healed, and we can add the crowns or prosthetics to the implant. 

Additionally, the specialist numbs the implant area, so you’ll not feel the implant placement. For several days after, you may experience mild levels of pain and swelling, but this does not last long. You can typically remedy the situation with over-the-counter pain relievers.

After healing, we will place the abutment on the implant to serve as a base for your new tooth or prosthetic and take an impression to create an implant crown. When your permanent crown or prosthetic is ready, we’ll call you to schedule another appointment with us so we can secure the crown or prosthetics to the abutment and complete your smile. 

State-of-the-Art Technology for Implant Dentistry

The dentists at Antelope Creek Family Dentistry use the trusted, state-of-the-art dental lab Dental Designs to fabricate our high-quality restorations. Dental Designs only uses approved materials recommended by the American Dental Association. The lab also provides on-site consultations for more complex cases. 

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants restore smile appearance and reestablish bite function, giving you more dietary choices and promoting better oral health.

When teeth are missing, you risk bone loss in the jaw. Dental implant posts can encourage jawbone health and guard against deterioration. And dental implants are the only tooth replacement technology to offer this benefit.

Additionally, dental implants prevent teeth from migrating toward openings in the smile. When this shifting happens, you risk tooth wear and additional tooth loss in the future.

Dental implants are also lasting compared with other tooth replacement options—known to last for decades and even for life. So even if you have to replace your crown in the future, your implant post should still be intact.

Taking Care of Your Tooth Implants

Dental implants are so like natural teeth that they even mimic them in care. As with natural teeth, you should:

  • Brush and floss your teeth and implants twice daily or following every meal.
  • Visit your dentist twice yearly for checkups and professional teeth cleanings.
  • Talk to your dentist if you notice anything new, like changes in your oral health.
  • Don’t chew on ice or other hard objects or use your teeth as tools to open packages.
  • Talk to your dentist if you suspect bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth at night)
  • Talk to your dentist if you participate in sports that pose a risk to your face or mouth.
  • Consider quitting smoking and tobacco use in all forms.

The idea is to preserve your gum health to prevent further tooth loss or implant failure. One culprit in implant failure is gum disease, a preventable condition.

Gum disease is a series of infections throughout the periodontal ligaments that keep your teeth locked into the jawbone. Avoiding periodontal disease or treating it if it does occur increases the longevity of your implants. However, periodontal disease is only treatable and not reversible, so regular dental care is crucial whether you have implants or not!

Woman with tooth implants smiling in Lincoln, NERestore Your Smile Today with Dental Implants in Lincoln, NE

Missing teeth can detract from your smile’s appearance and your self-confidence. At Antelope Creek Family Dentistry, we can help you restore your smile, oral health, and self-esteem.

One of our skilled and experienced implant dentists can design your new smile and refer you to a local, trusted periodontist or oral surgeon to place the implant.

In time, your smile will look and feel natural and beautiful. So if you’re ready to restore your smile, contact your nearest Lincoln, NE dentist office today.  And don’t forget to ask about our exclusive Savings Plan! A member of our team will let you know how it might benefit you.

We can’t wait to help you rediscover your smile!