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Antelope Creek Family Dentistry uses state-of-the-art technology to improve our diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of oral health conditions, as well as increase patient comfort. 

Laser Dentistry in Lincoln NE

Laser Dentistry

To improve precision and patient comfort, we use dental lasers for specific treatments, including decay removal and preparation for fillings. We also can use lasers to reshape gums and eliminate bacteria during root canal procedures, removing the infection. Dental lasers also provide faster recovery times for patients, and there is less risk of bleeding than traditional surgical methods. 

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rotary endodontics in lincoln ne

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics is an instrument and method used for performing quicker, more comfortable root canals. The device is electrically powered and has a sturdy, yet flexible, nickel-titanium tip. With this type of metal tip, our dentists can carefully clean out the tooth without damaging precious interior passageways. For you, this means less time in the chair and higher success rates.

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Digital X-Rays in Lincoln Nebraska

Digital and Panoramic X-Rays

Modern digital and panoramic x-rays are safe for patients, and they can benefit patients in several ways:

  • Expose patients to less radiation than film x-rays
  • Little to no development time, reducing your wait time 
  • Produce precise and detailed images, promoting a timely diagnosis
  • Eliminates the need for film or harsh chemicals, making them more eco-friendly
  • Images can be safely, digitally stored and accessed for your convenience 

Digital x-rays are captured using small digital sensors placed in different areas of the mouth, and panoramic x-rays capture one complete image of your mouth. Our dentists like to have current records of your x-rays, and we typically take x-rays annually or biannually, depending on your individual needs. 

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dentist using intraoral camera in lincoln ne

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras allow both you and your dentist to easily and comfortably look inside your mouth, making it easier to make informed decisions about your smile. Your dentist uses a slender wand equipped with a small digital camera to move around your mouth, and the images are instantly transmitted to a chairside monitor. Together, you and your dentist can observe any damage or signs of gum disease together unlike ever before!

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