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How do dentists treat gingivitis?

Healthy gums are essential for a long-lasting, healthy smile. Antelope Creek Family Dentistry offers non-surgical treatment for gum disease in Lincoln, NE. We provide comprehensive preventive dental care and conservative therapy to heal gum infections and inflammation. 

Some of the periodontal disease prevention methods and treatments we offer include:

  • Scaling and root planing – This deep cleaning sanitizes the gum pockets and reattaches the gums to the teeth. 
  • Customized at-home care plan – We work with each patient to improve their oral hygiene and habits at home and reduce their individual risk for gum disease. 
  • Antibiotics and antimicrobials – Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics or antimicrobials to control gum disease symptoms and inflammation. 
  • Laser therapy – Laser therapy allows us to treat gum disease by removing plaque below the gumline and removing diseased tissue. 

Book Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment in Lincoln, NE 

Do you need a gum disease dentist near Lincoln? Please contact Antelope Creek Family Dentistry for gum disease and gingivitis treatment. We can help you prevent gingivitis and manage your gum disease, so you have a healthy, functional smile. 

Our dental practice has three convenient locations in Lincoln, NE, and we are always happy to welcome new and familiar faces to Antelope Creek Family Dentistry. Our dentist offices are located on 40th St,and Normal Blvd . 

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