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When would you need a dental crown?

Tooth decay is an oral health condition that usually starts as a minor infection on the surfaces of your teeth and gums. With regular dental visits and cleanings, these conditions are manageable and even reversible. However, when a tooth infection progresses, it also grows, and through chemical processes, the bacteria that cause tooth decay may bore holes in your tooth enamel.

The dentists at Antelope Creek Family Dentistry refer to this type of damage as a tooth cavity. Again, a cavity has a simple solution, but if you ignore it, it may cause such extensive tooth damage that you require a complete tooth restoration called a dental crown. A dental crown resembles a tooth but functions more like a helmet for your compromised tooth. You need a dental crown in Lincoln, NE when no other type of tooth restoration will do the job.

What Tooth Problems Do Dental Crowns Fix?

Because a dental crown completely covers your tooth, we only recommend it in some instances, which include:

In each of these cases, you may lose your tooth entirely unless we take timely action. Dental crowns save teeth which is why our Lincoln, NE, will recommend them when necessary.

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