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Tooth-Colored vs. Silver Fillings: Which Is Better?

January 27, 2022
Posted By: Antelope Creek Family Dentistry
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While everyone knows they're supposed to brush and floss their teeth daily, not everyone fully understands why. Maybe it's because they think clean teeth are all about looks, something superficial and vain. These same people may also never wash their cars and then wonder why they have holes rusted through their fenders.

The truth is, lots of nasty things accumulate on your car as well as your teeth, and getting rid of them is about more than just appearances; it's about maintaining structure. When you don't wash your car, salts and road grime eat through the paint and eventually the metal. The build-up on your teeth acts similarly, slowly decaying the surface enamel. So instead of a rust spot, you end up with a cavity.

Why Do I Need A Dental Filling?

A cavity is like a little pit in your tooth. Your dentist at Antelope Creek Family Dentistry will evaluate your teeth, and if one of those pits is deep enough, the solution is a dental filling. This seals the hole and prevents it from getting larger and causing more intense problems for your tooth.

Dental fillings come in two basic types: silver (metallic) and non-metallic (white fillings). We refer to the latter as a tooth-colored filling because the composite material is adjustable. With metallic, known as amalgam fillings, the main distinguishing factor is silver. So which is better? Well, that depends on the cavity and the tooth.

Silver Fillings

The term amalgam refers to the amalgamation, or mixture, of several different metals for the ideal combination. Commonly, the blend includes powdered copper, silver, and tin combined with a binding metal to hold the materials together in a durable mass. Because metal is naturally strong, amalgam fillings are ideal for large cavities if you want the repair to last.

However, most people don't like the appearance of metallic fillings, which is why they are more commonly used in less visible back teeth.

Tooth-Colored, Non-Metallic Fillings

This type of filling is composed of a composite material with adjustable color properties to match your natural teeth better. Your dentist applies the filling in layers for added strength, but they are not as strong as metallic fillings. But because they are almost invisible, most people prefer them for front teeth, even if they don't last as long.

Dental Fillings in Lincoln, NE

If left untreated, we can almost guarantee that a cavity will only worsen. So if you need a filling, don't delay. The dentists at Antelope Creek Family Dentistry are ready to treat you today.

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