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What Happens During a Dental Exam?

June 25, 2022
Posted By: Antelope Creek Family Dentistry
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Dental exams are an essential part of your oral health care. Without routine exams, we cannot monitor your mouth's health or detect issues before they cause problems. The main goal of dental exams is to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy, problem-free, and functional. At Antelope Creek Family Dentistry, our general dentistry team provides patients with a wide range of services, including comprehensive dental exams to prevent oral disease and provide timely treatment. 

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

At Antelope Creek Family Dentistry, we understand many patients may feel uneasy or nervous about visiting the dentist. Our team of dentists in Lincoln, NE possesses the exceptional skill and experience you can trust, and our entire team is kind, welcoming, and compassionate. Before any appointment or treatment, we always discuss what to expect with our patients, so there are no surprises. We also review medical histories and discuss specific needs and goals. To make your visit more comfortable and relaxing, we offer:

  • Nitrous oxide ("laughing gas")
  • Blankets
  • Neck pillows
  • TVs with Netflix
  • Massage chairs
  • Headphones

With these comforts available at your fingertips, you may forget you're at a dental appointment! 

Once you're relaxed, we carefully examine your mouth to ensure your teeth, gums, jaws, and oral structures are healthy and disease-free. If we detect anything amiss, we will promptly inform you and create a treatment plan to remedy the issue.

During dental exams, we also use digital x-rays, cavity-detecting technology, and intraoral cameras to check for tooth decay, gum disease, infections, impaction, and other concerns that are undetectable to the naked eye. Because we care about your overall health, we also screen for oral cancers and check the face, neck, and jaws for abnormalities. 

Schedule Your Dental Exam in Lincoln, NE 

Please contact us today to schedule your dental exam with one of our Lincoln dentists. Antelope Creek Family Dentistry offers convenience in hours and locations. We have dental offices throughout Lincoln, NE on Normal Blvd., Cotner Blvd., and 40th St.

We are also pleased to offer an in-house membership plan and other financial options to make dental care more affordable for you and your family. Our savings plans include discounts on routine dental exams, teeth cleanings, and more.  

We look forward to caring for your smile! 

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