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Common Myths about Root Canals

April 26, 2022
Posted By: Antelope Creek Family Dentistry
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Many believe root canal therapy to be a painful or complicated undertaking. These are myths. Today's techniques and technologies make root canal therapy a pain-relieving and straightforward procedure. And our dentist offers gentle root canal therapy in Lincoln, NE.

Let’s explore a few myths surrounding this standard and simple dental treatment.

#1 Comfort Level During Root Canal Treatment

  • MYTH: Root canals cause pain.
  • REALITY: Root canals in Lincoln relieve tooth pain quickly.

#2 Level of Difficulty 

  • MYTH: Root canals are complicated treatments.
  • REALITY: Root canals are straightforward treatments.

#3 Tooth Loss Following Treatment

  • MYTH: Root canals cause eventual tooth loss.
  • REALITY: Root canals save teeth from loss or the need for extraction.

#4 Necessity of Treatment

  • MYTH: If you ignore the pain or treat it with Ibuprofen, the nerve will die, the pain will decrease, and you’ll be fine.
  • REALTY: Failure to treat your root infection almost certainly leads to infection spread and loss of the tooth.

Why You Need a Root Canal Treatment in Lincoln, NE

If you need a root canal, you’ll likely present with symptoms and call our office for an emergency dental appointment. These symptoms include pain, swelling, and sometimes a blister on the gum.

Sometimes your dentist finds the root infection during a routine exam before it causes pain. In this case, we schedule you for a root canal treatment as soon as possible.

Your Lincoln, NE dentist numbs the treatment area, extracts the infected tissue from the canal of your tooth, cleans the site, and closes it off with a temporary seal. We generally provide a dental crown to protect the tooth from future complications at a future appointment.

Lowering Your Risks for Root Canal Infections

Excellent oral hygiene and visiting your dentist every six months for preventive teeth cleanings and checkups are your best defense! These habits also lower your risks for cavities and gum disease.

Contact Us for Root Canal Therapy Near Me

We use rotary endodontics for less jarring and invasive root canal treatment in our dental office. To learn more or report a toothache to our emergency dentist in Lincoln, give us a call today.

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