Dentures and Partials by Antelope Creek Family Dentistry

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Periodontal disease, injury and tooth decay can all cause a loss of your natural teeth. However, we can bring back the smile on your face with dentures to restore your missing teeth. With improved technology and updated materials, dentists can now make them appear more natural and more comfortable for the patient.

Complete Dentures


Complete dentures are artificial, removable replacements for the natural teeth of the upper or lower jaw or both.

  • Upper Dentures are held in place by a vacuum created between your appliance and the palate of your mouth.
  • Lower Dentures are horseshoe-shaped to accommodate the tongue, and, due to lack of suction, are often held in place by implants placed in the jaw for support.

Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth by attaching via a metal framework to your natural teeth.

A type of partial denture, we offer our patients Valplast®! Valplast is a comfortable, esthetically pleasing, lightweight solution to the rigid metal dentures of the past! Today, dentists are utilizing high-tech flexible denture materials that are stronger, more durable, much quicker to fit and easier to wear. Unbreakable, as opposed to its acrylic competitors, Valplast won’t absorb unsightly stains or harbor unpleasant odors. Because preparation of the natural teeth is unnecessary when fitting or placing flexible partials, the treatment process is significantly accelerated and completely pain free.

Caring for Your Removable Appliances

Proper denture care is essential to the durability of your dentures and the overall health of your mouth.

  • Brush your dentures daily with a soft-bristled tooth brush. (Don’t forget to brush your gums and tongue as well.)
  • While not being worn, keep your dentures in denture solution and/or water (not hot) to prevent warping.
  • Handle with care and keep out of the reach of children and pets
  • If your dentures become loose, chip, break or crack, see your dentist.

Alternatives to Dentures

It may take some time to adjust to your dentures. Speaking and eating may feel different at first, but these regular activities will resume normally once you are accustomed to your dentures. If your dentures move in your mouth, preventing you from accomplishing these everyday tasks, you have another option: dental implants. Please read our Dental Implants page for more information.