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Removable Clear Braces

ClearCorrect is the clear and simple alternative to dental braces. It’s a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth as you all wear them, without all the disadvantages that come along with traditional metal braces. Pain and discomfort are easily avoided with ClearCorrect. The best part is they are removable and practically invisible. You can take them out to eat, floss and brush your teeth like normal --- something you can’t do with old fashioned metal dental braces. No more food getting stuck, suffering through painful adjustments or general discomfort. These clear braces are the comfortable alternative to traditional orthodontic braces you have been looking for.

Less Noticeable

The most obvious advantage is cosmetic in nature. Since ClearCorrect is practically invisible, you won’t have to deal with unwarranted attention to your mouth. Most people won’t even notice them at all unless you choose to show them. They are a great option for adults who may feel self-conscious about having the same wire braces as children and adolescents.

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